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Calligraphic Portraits

Alok offers private Zen Calligraphic Portrait sessions to individuals, couples, families and organizations. he would paint what's vital to you, your energy, essence, evolution. He would explore the painting with you, to move through your issues, to clarify your direction, and to come home to yourself.

To view of the portraits as striking pieces of fine art and what the clients have said about their experience, please begin here

NEW! Skype calligraphic portrait sessions with Alok!

"Our Skype portrait session with Alok"

"It was pretty amazing to see Alok face-to-face at his painting table in his beautiful home without leaving ours. The picture and sound were crystal clear and we felt like we were in the room with him. …what really surprised us was the transmission of his energy and essence  that we felt so strongly as if we were with him in person.

... We watched, mesmerized, as Alok painted around the stamps  with one beautiful and meaningful stroke unfolding before our eyes.

We love our new couples' portrait. As always, time spent with Alok is playful, engaging and profound whether in person or on Skype. Our online "test" had been successful. But even more, Alok had taken us as a couple into a new realm of self-discovery and it was accomplished effortlessly on a computer screen.

Amazing!" Shaeri Richards & Jerry Hartleben, who made the beautiful ZenDudeMovie, 


For both the new Skype portrait session, available to you anywhere in the world, as well as the face-to-face portrait session, 

A) Make your appointment with Alok directly
     tel: +1 206 920 6405     email: alok@zencalligraphy.com.

B) Enter your appointment date and time and complete your payment here. CLICK HERE.

With original portrait mounted on a Chinese scroll, continues to be available, at the standard price at his home studio in Sedona, AZ or wherever Alok teaches a workshop or presents around the country.

A short video of an early portrait session by the Ganges River at Laxman Jhula, India, shot by Morrizio Bennazzo in 2002. You can get a sense of the energy, fun, and depth of the portrait session with Alok here: