Zen Calligraphy, Alok Hsu Kwang-han






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Alok’s Zen Calligraphic Portrait Session:

You watch existence
portray your essence
in the flow of ink
through brush
onto paper.

The painting speaks with beauty
what words cannot say--
juxtaposed with what
we think we are
this or this or that
we smile and look deeper,
we come home to ourselves.

The image reveals to you
a higher awareness,
illuminating your “issues”
with a penetrating light;
in this light they transform
and yield their treasures,
with a little help from Alok!

Alok is present and empty;
with nothing in the way,
senses what you need.

A loving connection with your parents
Oh, it can happen,
no matter what happened!
Surprise! surprise!
you bow deeply and dance free--
with love in your heart.

Suicide, having been abused,
cancer, death of my child,
I can’t open my heart to my wife,
I don’t have a good self-image,
I need love,
I want the key to my transformation,
How can I be sexy ... at peace ... creative ...

Come as you are,
come home to yourself,
allow healing to take place,
and renew the evolution of your spirit!

Your portrait, striking in its beauty,
mounted on a Chinese silk scroll,
you place it in your home, office, or sanctuary,
it continues to speak with you as living art
and supports you in your daily life!