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Assessment of Alok Hsu Kwang-han’s Zen Calligraphic Painting

The paintings of Alok Hsu Kwang-han represent a perfectly new way of pictorial expression yet have their roots in the classical Zen-painting tradition in China going back a thousand years.
      Per-Olow Leijon Senior Curator, Chinese and Japanese Art,
      The National Museum of Ethnology, Stockholm, Sweden

The realm of Hsu Kwang-han's paintings is lofty, his hand and heart mirror each other, expressing his spirit and freedom, we should regard him as our teacher!
      Yin Pingxiang 90 year-old famous master painter, Shanghai, China, March 2000

One sees the brush leaping up like a rabbit and landing like a crane, slithering like a snake or a dragon, like thunder and lightening, mountain echoing and ocean whispering. Before anyone can see it all, he straightens up, smiles, puts down the brush, rubs his hands, finished.
This is a water and ink painting, entitled "Joy". The artist is named "Hsu Kwang-han". On this painting "joy" there is no human nor animal form, not a flower nor a blade of grass, only lines expansive and soaring, but each observer is infected and feels the sentiment of joy emerging between the brush and the ink....
The work of Hsu Kwang-han is amphibious, cannot be located in any existing framework of reference, a completely new manifestation of art, through which one perceives the heart of a sage and his empathetic understanding of the soul of man. So free and spontaneous, his brush strokes express the experience and sentiments of the heart, and because of the absence of any constraints, each painting is able to hide a secret to be discovered by the viewer who is open to the spirit.
      “Amphibious Art—Neither Painting nor Calligraphy” Art Review by Shen Jiayuan, Xinmin Weekly Mar.27-Apr.4, 2000, Shanghai, China

Alok Hsu Kwang-han possesses the rare gift to penetrate the psyche of the one that comes to him, and to create a portrait of the heart of the person through the language medium of calligraphy. In this way, the works of Mr. Alok Hsu Kwang-han are unequaled, particularly because they reflect the highest level of spiritual capacity as well as genuine creativity and artistic worth.
      Werner Schneider ,Prof. of Design Fachhochschule, Wiesbaden

[From practicing Japanese and Chinese calligraphy] I learned that not only the form on the surface is important, but the movement that is in the form. The energy that creates the movement shines out of the signs as pure information and finds a resonance and feedback in those who can decode this information. In Mr. Alok's powerful and wise brushstrokes he expresses totally and as a whole, and in a singular pure stroke. What more do you need?
      Katharina Pieper , President, ARS Scribendi International Association for the Furthering of Literary and Calligraphic Arts

We at the Delphi Institute [Stockholm] warmly recommend Alok Hsu Kwang-han as a very sensitive artistic person with great psychological knowledge. His calligraphic portraits and energy paintings are wonderful meetings of great personal and transpersonal meaning.
      Bo Wikstroem , Licensed Psychotherapist Teacher & Supervisor in Psychotherapy

No few hearts who have had a Zen Energy Painting by Mr. Alok, tell me, "This is a miracle." From the perspective of Chinese calligraphy this is a piece of beautiful and moving Chinese calligraphy. From the perspective of Zen, it happens so naturally and spontaneously. It is also brilliant and satisfying. Looking from the depth of my heart, this is myself--my yesterday, my today, my tomorrow! Mirror of the heart, mirroring heart to heart.
This is Mr. Alok’s Zen Energy Painting!
      Qiu Zhengping , Master Calligrapher, Shanghai, China In Connection (Germany), Special Issue #38 on China

 I see in the work of Alok Hsu Kwang-han a true meeting of the East and West. It rests delicately on the elusive line of abstraction and figuration. His appreciation of this duality reveals a depth of maturity in his aesthetics as well as in his meditation.
      John Dahlsen , winner of the Australian 2000 Wynne Prize

Sidoun GmbH is the market leader for software in the construction business in Germany and Austria. We have 20 branches and about 200 employees. Myself, as the CEO of the company worked two times with Alok. Eight years ago he did an energy painting which helped me to clear a personal conflict with a manager in a beautiful and mature way.
Right now the situation of our company is extremely difficult and I have no idea which basic decision or direction to take. A few weeks ago Alok did another painting for our company, which is the only intelligent and substantial plan I can follow. I use it as a time-map.
It needs intelligence, sensitivity and openness to understand and use Alok´s energy work. The benefits are mind-blowing.
      Gerard Sidoun CEO Software SIDOUN GmbH Freiburg, Germany